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Our fabrics

Our Victor Lou sneakers are made out of waste leather coming from luxury cars. The material used is chrome free, which is an important detail because the use of these chemicals doesn’t only have a bad impact on the environment, is also has a very negative effect on the health of the people producing the shoes. Yet, a lot of shoe-manufactures still work with chrome leather for the soles of the shoes. 

When the material comes in at our manufacturer in Portugal, they select all the usable pieces of ‘waste leather’, and from that, they make our unique Victor Lou’s. This makes every pair of sneakers one of a kind, since some pieces of leather will have dents or marks left from the car manufacturers. 


Trees for all

We believe in collaborating with people and organizations who have the same mission so that we can expand our impact. That’s why we decided to work together with Trees for all. This Dutch organization is driven to make an impact by planting trees and protecting nature. Did you know that every year there are ten billion trees lost? This has disastrous consequences for people, animals, and climate. Trees for all plant trees and restore existing forest and raise awareness about the need for trees. Close to home (called the Netherlands), but also further away through sustainable forestry projects in developing countries. 

For each pair of Victor Lou sneakers sold, Trees for all will plant a tree for us. 


Every year over 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced and only 5% of them are recycled. This was shocking news to us, and we absolutely want to bring that number up. That’s why your pair of Victor Lou’s is not just sustainably produced, it’s also recyclable. That means that the shoe is produced in a way that we don’t mix different components so that it’s possible to recycle all the different materials of the shoe separately.

How it works

Send back. If you buy a pair of Victor Lou’s, you can send them back at the moment you stop wearing them. No matter if it’s after one year or ten years.

Recycling company. We send the shoes out to a company who is specialized in recycling. Not a single pair will be sent to a third world country for second-hand use. Why not? Because studies show that there is little need and with that, we just shift the problem to them.

Shredder. The recycling company separates the different materials and shedders them for reuse for the same or different products.
Reuse. Our goal is to, in the future, use this shredded material for the next pair of Victor Lou’s. With that, we create a system of reused materials.

Free Shopping Voucher. When you send the pair of shoes back, you get a shopping voucher for your next pair of Victor Lou’s.

the numbers

Trees planted
Shoes saved from landfill and incineration